About TIS Books

TIS Books is the publishing arm of Treasury Information Services (TIS). TIS Books produces books and other professional materials to help financial professionals do their jobs better, to enhance their technical and professional knowledge, and to help them prepare for professional certification.

Treasury Information Services began as a consulting firm in 1991and continues to provide consulting services to companies and not-for-profit organizations nationwide. These services are available through TIS Consulting. TIS Books grew out of a need in the industry for useful, practical material. The first book published by TIS was the first edition of How to Prepare an RFP for Bank Services by Ken Parkinson and Ray Ruzek. It was the first RFP book ever published in this field, and it is now in its fourth edition.

TIS principals Joyce R. Ochs and Kenneth L. Parkinson manage TIS Books as well as TIS consulting. They each have years of publishing experience in the field.

TIS authors are experienced treasury and financial professionals who share their knowledge and their hands-on experience through their works. TIS Books is always looking for new authors.