Cash Flow Forecasting Templates


Get a jumpstart on your cash flow forecasting system with 32 different Microsoft Excel worksheets. These templates were developed by Ken Parkinson as a companion to his book, Cash Flow Forecasting: A Hands-on Approach.

Ken has developed these spreadsheet templates from his own experience as a treasury executive, consultant, and professor. They are simple to use since there are no hidden macros or tricky techniques to master. If you can open up your Excel program, you can get started!

The worksheets are conveniently packaged in one Excel workbook, so you can pick and choose the ones you need. The templates can help you improve your system without developing your own worksheets from scratch. In addition to the Excel workbook, Ken provides a full explanation of each template in simple, easy to understand terms in a separate file on the CD-ROM.

Many of the models are integrated with a master maturity schedule to make updating

individual spreadsheets automatic. These links can also be overwritten if you don’t want to use them. In addition, there are links between several templates and history files to make it easier to create and update forecasting history files.

Check out a sample template (pdf). Please note that this sample has been saved in a PDF-type format, so you do not have to open Excel to see it. See the table of contents (pdf) for a list of the templates.

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