Managing your Cash Position

managing your cash position

It’s 10:00 AM. Do you know where your cash is? If you are responsible for managing your organization’s cash, you are responsible for its daily cash position.

Can you answer these questions?

Writing for organizations of all sizes, author Ken Parkinson provides a road map for gaining control over this important daily activity. In the book he discusses its key aspects:

Check out the Table of Contents (pdf) and excerpts from the book, What is a Cash Position? (pdf), Dangers of Too Little and Too Much Cash (pdf) and Benefits of Good Forecasting (pdf), to see for yourself how useful this book is.

Here’s what readers have said:

“I found the book to be an easy read; it takes the complexities of cash management and translates them into a usable format that even a cash management novice could implement. The chapters are laid out in a logical series and take the reader through a step-by-step process of implementing a system that can be used by even a small start-up organization. I also found the illustrations to be very helpful.” Tom O’Neill, Controller, Colgate University

“The book addresses all the relevant issues and is very succinct. It advises on all the possibilities of handling the cash of either a very large or small company. You have pointed out all of the issues that can confront an individual managing the cash. Good job and well worth the reading!”Vice president finance, private telecommunications company

“I thought the book was very straight forward, easy to understand and provided a great deal of practical “how to” information about building a cash management system and cash forecasting process. . . . It is a great book.” Richard Ercole, consultant and former senior banker