RFP Questionnaires for Financial Services, 5th edition

RFP Questionaires 5th ed.
RFP Questionaire

Combine questionnaires for credit and non-credit services into one RFP.

Use field-tested questionnaires for the latest banking services.

Make your banking decisions easier with questions that highlight differences among banks.

Good RFPs = Good Proposals

When it’s time for an RFP, you want to do it right and do it fast. The fifth edition of RFP Questionnaires for Financial Services is what you need. It offers the most up-to-date questionnaires available for current products and services, as well as an expanded section on pricing and customer support. Plus, it’s downloadable — you can start right away! Incorporating in-the-field RFP experience with feedback from treasury managers and bankers, this version has been edited to contain only questions that help you differentiate among bank respondents. One example is the information reporting section. It has been shortened because this service is not a make-or-break decision factor in bank selection. As a result of careful pruning, the questionnaires are more focused and ready to be dropped right into your RFP package and into a spreadsheet for comparing responses.

The fifth edition reflects recent changes in bank products and services as well as changing practices among companies. For instance, the short-term liquidity section has been expanded to include questionnaires about online investing, short-term lines of credit, revolving credit agreements, and term loans.

Efficient Organization

Questionnaires about collections and disbursements products are easy to find in those two expanded core service categories. All collections questionnaires about lockboxes, remote capture of checks, electronic collections, and receivables outsourcing, to name a few, are consolidated in the collections section. The disbursements section contains all services related to disbursements, including positive pay, paper-based payroll, direct deposit of payroll, electronic disbursements, electronic tax payments, purchasing cards, pay cards, payables outsourcing, and coin and currency provision.

The fifth edition includes a new section on international treasury services. And the customer/bank relationship section has been enlarged to include expanded questionnaires about customer support, pricing and compensation.

Easy to Use

For one price, you get more than 400 questions in 49 different questionnaires, plus advice on organizing your RFP and evaluating pricing estimates. All you have to do is pick the components that meet your needs.

By keeping the number of questions under control, you’ll find that evaluating the proposals responding to your RFP will be easier and will give you better results than using lengthy questionnaires with irrelevant or ineffective questions.

Both the introductory section and the questionnaires are included as one Microsoft Word file. This makes it simple for you to drop the questions you want into your own RFP document and to add your own questions, as needed. You can also cut and paste questions into a spreadsheet to facilitate later comparisons.

If you are responsible for preparing and managing an RFP for financial services, you will find RFP Questionnaires for Financial Services invaluable. All you have to do is:

It’s that simple!

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